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Be sure your mailings arrive in style with printed envelopes that beg to be opened. Whether a simple, black & white envelope or a full-color piece featuring bright, colorful imagery and text, we can design and print envelopes to suit any need.

  • Matching your envelope design to letterhead and other branded items in your stationery, social media, and advertising arsenal is a task in which our graphic designers excel, giving you that cohesive look you need in today's marketplace.
  • Although we only offer blank/printed on white envelopes on this site, we do offer many other types and styles in our shop.  Please call or email for a quote.  Some of our other stock includes: Cream 60-70#, cream or white Linen, Colored Envelopes (please specify color), white or cream Pearl, Kraft, and Glamma Natural (see through glazed type) envelopes.  We also offer Bar 4 envelopes (fits 3.5x5 cards), #9 return envelopes, windowed #10's, 6x9, and 9x12 envelopes as well.


If you don't see a product you need listed here, very likely we do offer it at our print shop. Please e-mail us for a quote and send your specifications.

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    Standard commercial envelopes are the most popular style of all. They are your most basic envelopes and come in a large variety of sizes.

    Window envelopes feature a die-cut window area, with a transparent poly-film that allows an address to show through the window, eliminating the need to address the outside of the envelope and saving you time and money.  These are not offered through the internet at this time, but we do offer them in our shop.  Please call or email AccuColor Digital Printing for a quote if you need windowed envelopes.

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    Which color option should I choose?

    The colors you choose for your envelope often depend on its intended purpose. Business remittance envelopes, for example, are typically printed in black, while direct mail envelopes are often designed full-color to stand out in a pile of mail.  Most invitation envelopes are printed in black with fancy fonts to stand out.  Or you can order envelopes without printing and put the addresses in yourself, either using labels or handwriting them in.


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