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We have fantastic graphic designers on staff at all times who can help you with your graphic design needs or layout of booklets, resizing of pictures, etc.  Our fee is $60 per hour and can be prorated down to a 15 min time period.  For example, some simple designs (such as for banners, announcements, those using our templates, and other types) only take as little as 15 minutes, so your design charge would be $15.00. However, some business flyers may take a couple of hours to design which would require a design charge of $60.00/hr.  We need to know your details in order to give you an accurate estimate of time necessary to design or layout your project.  You can email us or call toll free at 866-580-2156 to speak to a designer if you prefer... We look forward to working with you!

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  2. Do you need help with graphic design? We have graphic designers on staff and we charge $60/hour for design/layout work. Please email or call us toll free with your job specifications and we will give you a design time estimate.
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