Company History

AccuColor Digital Printing, first located in Clearfield, UT, opened its doors in August 2007 - just in time for the economic down turn.  Regardless, the first 12 quarters of business AccuColor Digital Print showed positive growth.  While we weren't growing as fast as hoped, we were growing. 

After five years, the lease was running out.  Space was at a premium and the layout of the building had become inefficient for a smoothly running organization.  Another miracle happened when we found space available in the City Hall of Syracuse.  It was larger and we felt it was laid out just for AccuColor when we visited it the first time.  We moved in July 2012.  And while it has taken a little while for some of our customers to find us again, all that have regard this move as a real step-up!

Since then, more and more people have discovered the high quality output, personal attention to detail, design capabilities of our staff, and that going to a print shop could be fun.  Our core value has always been service to our customer.

When Covid hit in 2020, we were all thrown for a loop.  All of our walk-ins were grounded at home and most of the many industries and events we typically print for, including churches, schools,small businesses, graduations, weddings, parties, recitals, etc., were all locked down or canceled within a week!  We took the only route available to us at that time, and that was to lock our storefront and move to an internet/email/ phone based business.  We have been up and running in this new configuration for nearly a year now and it has been great! 

Our customers are a very loyal bunch.  One of them recently said, "I'd follow you anywhere!"  Thanks to all of you for the great outpouring of support you have given us through this pandemic situation...  We look forward to better days!

We still offer the same great products and services  we always have... Including a beautiful and diverse offering of papers that are earth- and archival-friendly that run the gamut between plain regular paper to a most beautiful pearl linen cardstock.  The prints from our presses run as large as 13x19 and as heavy as 16 point gloss or 130# matte cardstock.  We proudly claim that our Konica Minolta digital print presses provide the highest quality prints we've seen anywhere.  Our Canon wide format printers are also top notch and print up to 42" wide to any length for eye-popping banners and posters.  Photo enlargements are also a specialty, even printed on canvas, which we then wrap onto three various sized wood frames for you, if desired.

Other specialties include business print (direct mail pieces, postcards, order forms, stationery, rack cards, fliers, business cards, trade show materials, etc.), wedding and other life event announcements, as well as book(let) printing.

If you're local, we prefer email or phone ordering and still offer drop off and pick-up services, or we can ship the product  directly to you.  If you are meeting us on the website, Welcome!  Enjoy our new e-commerce site.  We'd love to hear from all of you and get to know you!