AccuColor began as a home business printing wide format materials at West Point, Utah in February 2007.  After landing several orders for advertising slicks and outdoor banners, it became apparent that a commercial level business could not grow at home. 

After looking at several commercial properties, miraculously we found a former Maverik quick stop building in Clearfield (next to Winegars grocery) where Maverik had moved operations across the street.  At the same time, digital printing had just emerged.  This is not color copying - but actual printing with even better quality output than ink presses.  We could see a niche where AccuColor would become AccuColor Digital Printing - able to produce high end color products but without the costly setup of plates and color convergence associated with ink presses.

Further, being driving by computer, the presses can change copy instantly without repeating the plate and convergence process.  Or if the customer needs more materials, there is no setup - only "click" at the computer and "clunk" into the output tray. 

AccuColor Digital Printing opened our doors in August 2007 - just in time for the economic down turn.  Regardless, the first 12 quarters of business AccuColor Digital Print showed positive growth.  While we weren't growing as fast as hoped, we were growing. 

More and more people discovered the high quality output, personal attention to detail, design capabilities on staff, and that going to a print shop could be fun.  Our core value has always been service to our customer. 

Our specialties are wide format banners, photo enlargements, print on canvas, posters, direct mail pieces, postcards, wedding announcements, graduation announcements, baby announcements, business print (order forms, stationary, slicks, fliers, business cards, trade show materials, etc.) and anything that can fit through the press. 

In 2011 we added our first true production machines from Konica Minolta.  The color press produces 65 color pages per minute.  It can also produce saddle stitched booklets up to 50 sheets of full color on both sides, fold, staple and trim them so that each emerges from the press as a finished booklet.  Truly amazing!

The black and white machine produces 95 pages per minute and is perfect for producing newsletters and high quantity jobs.  It can also produce finished booklets.

After five years operating in Clearfield, the lease was running out.  Space was at a premium and the layout of the building had become inefficient for a smoothly running organization.  Another miracle happened when we found space available in the City Hall of Syracuse.  It is larger and we felt it was laid out just for AccuColor when we visited it the first time.  We moved in July 2012.  And while it has taken a little while for some of our customers to find us again, all that have regard this move as a real step-up! 

Please come and visit our new facility!  It is located inside the City Hall building to the left of the Rotunda - across from the Syracuse Post Office. 

The future holds some exciting ideas.  We are soon going to offer a discount "Copy Cat Club" to our customers.  We have long run specials such as Four Cent Friday for black and white self-serve and Twenty-five Cent Tuesday for 100 or more color copies.  Copy Cat Members will pre-pay for a Copy Cat Card - which can be reloaded similar to a debit type card.  The pre-pay method allows members to obtain the weekly special rates every day we are open. 

Another new feature we are about to introduce is Augmented Reality where we will link printed materials to resources on the internet.  With a simple free App on iPhone, iPad, Droid, etc. one can scan the printed watermark and interact through video, Facebook, Twitter, Email, web pages, etc. with the product and/or serviced advertised.  This will be especially effective on direct mail pieces.

Welcome to AccuColor Digital Printing!  Come see what makes us so different!