The Power of Positive Surprise

Positive Surprise - It Changes Everything

We want you to be happy with your job results!

  • We never celebrate mediocrity. - If your printing doesn't turn out as you approve it, we throw it away (in the recycle bin, of course) and start over. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, we won't quit until your project looks exceptional.  If it's a mutual error, we often split the cost.
  • We specialize in impossible deadlines. - Are you in a jam because of a tight deadline?  (We know how print projects go.)  We do everything we can to facilitate our customers' deadlines.  So how can we help you?
  • We'll work late, so you don't have to. - Got a really big job? No problem. We'll work late and start early if we need to. That's why the drive through people at Carl's nearly know us by name.
  • We are down the street. - Ok, it sounds simple, but you can't get the personal attention from on-line outfits that we will give your job.  Plus, if you're on a deadline and their printing is incorrect, you will probably be here anyway - why not save the step?
  • Honest counts...with a few extras. We provide accurate counts, and when there are good overage pages... we give you a few extras, just to say thanks.