Book(let) Binding

Book(let) Binding

Booklet Binding

We have many, many options to choose from when you need to bind your booklets, manuals, or catalogs.

Here are some of the more popular binding products and services we offer.

  • Our booklet making printer - A truly amazing piece of equipment that collates, folds loose sheets then staples and front trims them into very nice and professional looking booklets.
  • Spiral binding - Classic round plastic coil bindings. This process can be used for books up to 225 pages. Pages can be added or removed if necessary. And the finished book lies flat when opened.
  • We also provide printed or plain covers, clear acetate covers, black composite backs, and other types of bindings for specialty projects.

Spiral/Coil Binding

Spiral binding, also known as coil binding, is a commonly used bookbinding style for creating documents, reports, presentations, and proposals. Documents bound with spiral coil have the ability to open flat on the desk or table and offer 360° rotation for easier note-taking. Durable and strong, this binding method is often used for documents that need to be mailed. Please call us to learn about the many options we have available.

Wire Binding

Wire binding is a popular commercial bookbinding method used in business today. Known by a number of different names, including spiral notebook binding, twin loop wire, Wire-o, and double loop wire, wire-bound materials are extremely durable. Although it is difficult to add or delete pages once a document has been wire-bound, almost everyone agrees that wire-bound documents look very, very nice.

Comb Binding

Comb binding is one of the many ways to secure pages together into a book. This method utilizes round plastic spines, 19 rings, and a hole puncher that makes rectangular holes. Our printing firm has a variety of different-sized comb bindings, up to 1 inch in diameter. You can easily add or delete pages with this type of binding


Stapling is one of the simplest – and most effective – methods of binding used today. In addition to stapling loose sheets together through the front of the page, we can saddle-stitch (staple through the spine) magazines and other multi-page items such as catalogs, annual reports, and newsletters.

Saddle-stitching is a sturdy, durable, and attractive binding option. The number of pages our saddle-stitching equipment can bind together varies depending on the weight of the paper used, but the results are the same every time: nice, clean, and professional.


Unibind is a specialized type of binding that features a metal spine connected to clear plastic covers on both front and back. The presentation materials are put into the Unibind booklet cover and the spine is heated up, allowing the glue on the inside of the spine to soften, thereby attaching the papers to the spine. It's really a very simple process, but the finished look is very professional. These work great as presentation binders. It is NOT easy to add or remove pages with this type of binding, however.

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