Marketing Services Provider

Marketing Services Provider

Direct Mail Marketing

Newer technologies and distribution channels have made some people question the effectiveness of direct mail marketing in today's business world. But smart marketers continue to find success using direct mail. A recent study from MarketingSherpa found that 79% of more than 1000 marketing professionals questioned still consider direct mail to be effective or very effective marketing.

And why not? Done properly, direct mail marketing can deepen customer loyalty and increase front-of-mind awareness for a company and its brand.

When you're ready to launch a direct mail campaign, we can help. We're experts at creating super-successful direct mail materials that "wow" customers and prospects alike.

From creative concepting and eye-catching design, to expert production, mailing list curation, and efficient, effective distribution, we can manage your direct mail project every step of the way. Whatever the goal, we'll help you get the word out and succeed.

Variable Data/Addressing

Printing variable addresses on envelopes or mail pieces is one of our specialties. Just send us a clean and accurate Excel file of your addresses and we will print them on your postcard or envelope.

If you'd like to buy a mailing list from a mailhouse provider to send to potential customers, we can also do that for you. Just let us know the criteria you'd like to "drill down" to in order to mail to those specific types of customers who will most likely need or want your product.

If providing your own Excel mailing list, please make sure all your capitals are capitalized, punctuation marks are correct, names are spelled correctly and addresses are correct in your Excel file. Provide the names in one column, a company name in another if needed, the street address in the third column, and city, state and zip in the last column. We'll take it from there!

If you don't have the time to clean up your database, we will make punctuation and capitalization changes for you for a small charge. The correct spelling of names and addresses is still your responsibility.

Variable Data/Personalizing

Variable Data is used in many ways, from variable addresses on envelopes to personalizing your marketing piece to say something like: Hi Tom! Here's a new offer for you...

Have you ever received something that you know is bulk mail, but yet you read it because it is personalized with your name? It's amazing how seeing your name in print can raise the level of curiosity you have about the contents of a mail piece. Your customers and prospects will have the same reaction when they receive a mail piece that has been personalized using variable data printing.

Variable data printing enables you to be more intentional about your marketing strategy by providing a way to personalize any printed piece. However, moving personalized information from a database to paper can be a difficult task, especially when the database is large or complex. We can help.

We would be happy to partner with you in exploring the world of variable data printing. Call our print shop today for more information about how you can incorporate variable data printing into your company's marketing strategy.

Mailing Services

When your printed project is finished, we can also manage your mailing services to save you time and energy. We offer a full-service, turn-key mailing solution. To learn more, follow the links in the Mailing section below.

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